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Do More With Less

MAX, FLEX, OMNI – More Than Just Branding
It’s a commitment to provide products that maximize resources, enable flexibility, and increase network visibility.

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Monitoring Software
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Network Packet Broker
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Traffic Bypass Switch
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Passive Network Taps
Access Multiplexer Icon.png
PON Multiplexers
Passive Multiplexer Icon.png
WDM Multiplexers
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Automated Patch Panel
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Optical Switches
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Cables & Breakouts
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Network Monitoring Software


Leverages real-time intelligence and data analytics to improve customer experience, reduce churn, streamline operations and optimize business models.

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Provides seamless and simple APM to deliver transparent monitoring of critical enterprise HTTP/HTTPS and database applications while increasing visibility into Service Level Agreement (SLA) performance.

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Enables TCP acceleration and web optimization resulting in a better customer experience and less bandwidth usage for the service provider.

Network Monitoring
Application Monitoring
TCP & Web Optimization
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Network Monitoring Hardware

Network Packet Broker

Aggregates and filters traffic while provide advanced traffic processing functions such as: data deplucation, data desensitization (masking), time-stamping, traffic ID by protocol, and VLAN tag manipulation including stripping and retagging.

Traffic Bypass Switch

Uses "heartbeat" packet to protect  networks from outages caused by inline security appliances such as Intrusion Protection Systems (IPS) and Firewalls. Also, provides failure alerts when active monitoring devices go down. Available from 10Gbps to 100Gbps.

Network Taps

Provides access to any optical network  (1G to 400G) traffic non-intrusively. A single 1U chassis can be configured to tap from 1 to 192 multimode or single mode fibers. Make 1 or 2 copies of the data for distribution to passive monitoring devices such as Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and network recorders.

Aggregation and Filtering
Active Monitoring Device Protection
Passive, Non-Instrusive, Traffic Copying
OPTX-UC-1923-PW with OPTX-FM-1923-PW.jpg
OmniPON logo 011618.png
Passive Optical Multiplexing & Splitting

Co-Existence Muxes

Maximize access infrastructure by combining multiple services onto a single fiber to deliver residential and enterprise access. CEx available in multiple configurations and customized for P2P WDM and RFoG applications with or without an OTDR port.

NG-PON2 Access Mux

Delivers maximum bandwidth to your residential and business access customers. Combines 8 (4 upstream and 4 downstream) DWDM wavelengths to utilize the same infrastructure as your GPON and XG-PON services when used with the CEx multiplexer.

Optical Transceivers

Delivers everything from simple CWDM/DWDM transceivers to GPON/XG-PON to NG-PON2 (Q4'19). 

Combine Multiple PONs
Deliver 40Gbps to the Access
Brandon Johnston - IMG_0226.PNG
Network Monitoring Softwar
Network Taps
Optical Access Transceivers
Passive Optical Multiplexing

maXimux Fixed Chassis

Increases fiber capacity through the implementation of virtual fibers or wavelengths. Take a single fiber and increase its capacity by as much as 48x. Available as a standalone chassis or module depending on the number of channels required.

maXimux Modules

Provides 1-8 channel OADMs and small channel count CWDM and DWDM multiplexers. Choose from stainless steel tube with various connectivity options, our Ultra High-Density form factor, or our LGX cassettes to house these multiplexers. 

WDM Transceivers

Delivers wavelength specific optics from simple CWDM/DWDM BiDi transceivers to GPON/XG-PON to NG-PON2 (*Q4'19) to complement our full range of passive optical multiplexers. 

CWDM/DWDM Multiplexer
OADM & Small Channel Count
OmniPON Pic of 3 form factors.png
Fixed Chassis with 40 channel Duplex AWG
Brandon Johnston - IMG_0226.PNG
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Optical Switching and Networking

Automated Patch Panel

Addresses a variety of applications from simple test & monitoring applications to optical protection switching for rerouting network data. Our 1x1 switch modules are used to perform periodic testing and simulate fiber cut scenarios, while our 1x2s and 2x2s can be used as optical bypass switches for rerouting traffic around equipment and fiber failures.

Optical Switches & VOAs

Optimizes flexibility by offering opto-mechanical or MEMs-based optical switches and switch arrays with additional functionality such as VOAs, passive splitters, and optical power monitoring.

Modular Optical Switching System
Switch Arrays and Integrated VOAs
fleXlight proposed VOA Chassis.png
fleXlight from side.png
maXpatch logo.png
Breakout Modules and Cables

Breakout Modules

Consolidates your fiber plant by bringing in 8/12 fibers via the LCs on the front of the module and consolidating them on one MTP on the rear of the module. 

Fiber Optic Cables

Eases the installation and removal of fibers in densely populated connector field. With our Push-Pull Uniboot duplex adapters, connectivity becomes easier, faster, and ultimately simpler.

Active Optical Cables

Integrates SFPs/QSFPs and your patch cable into one element. Provides an elegant option for 40/100G to multiple 10G breakouts while reducing.

Breaks Out MPO/MTP-8/12 to LCs
Patch Cables and Breakout Cables
Multimode or Single Mode Fiber
maXpatch Breakout Datasheet
Active Optical Cables Datasheet
OM3 MTP Breakout Cable.png
maXtap+ Modules.png
Automated Patch Panel
Optical Switches
Breakout Modules
maXoptix v2.png

Optical Transceivers

Delivers a complete line of optical transceivers from 1Gbps to 400Gbps. 3 year warranty standard. Lifetime warranty available.

Monitoring Transceivers

Reduces the functionality of the transceiver by application to eliminate unnecessary cost for components that will not be used. Available as Rx only and Tx only.

Customized Transceivers

Meets many of your unique needs. From custom SFP enclosure form factors to guaranteed higher receiver sensitivity, we have done it. So, if you are struggling to find a solution to your unique problem, don't be afraid to give us a call and ask. After all, we are here to Listen, Innovate, and Deliver!

1-400 Gbps
Rx Only and Tx only Transceivers
Various Options Available
OPTX-SR-SFP-10G-HS On Side.png
Optical Transceivers.png
maXoptix Transceivers
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