Network Monitoring Software


Increase visibility network elements, IoT devices, and security appliances with Network Monitoring Software


Gain insight into what is running on your network with Application Monitoring Software


Reduce bandwidth usage with TCP & Web Optimization Software

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Network Monitoring Hardware


Identify, filter, and aggregate traffic for distribution to analysis tools

Network Packet Broker

Protect your network from outages due to inline monitoring tools

Traffic Bypass Switch
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Copy all traffic types and data rates without impacting the network and distribute to monitoring tools

Passive Network Taps
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PON Multiplexers & Splitters


Leverage existing PON infrastructure and mux all PON types onto the same fiber 

CEx Access Mux

Increase your access bandwidth by 4-40x with the NG-PON2 multiplexer

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Distribute PON traffic using our OmniPON splitters in your choice of 3 form factors

PON Splitters
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Wavelength Multiplexers

Fixed Chassis with 40 channel Duplex AWG

Increase fiber capacity without trenching new fiber. Enables you to create as many as 48 virutal fibers

maXimux Fixed Chassis

Use our modules for Optical Add-Drop (OADM), CWDM, and more

maXimux Modules
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Match your multiplexer to our BiDi WDM transceivers for seamless operation

WDM Transceivers
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Optical Switching & Networking

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Addresses a variety of applications from simple test & monitoring applications to optical protection switching for rerouting network data. Our 1x1 switch modules are used to perform periodic testing and simulate fiber cut scenarios, while our 1x2s and 2x2s can be used as optical bypass switches for rerouting traffic around equipment and fiber failures.

Automated Patch Panel
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Optimizes flexibility by offering opto-mechanical or MEMs-based optical switches and switch arrays with additional functionality such as VOAs, passive splitters, and optical power monitoring.

Optical Switches & VOAs
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Breakout Modules & Cables

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Consolidates your fiber plant by bringing in 8/12 fibers via the LCs on the front of the module and consolidating them on one MTP on the rear of the module. 

Breakout Modules
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Eases the installation and removal of fibers in densely populated connector field. With our Push-Pull Uniboot duplex adapters, connectivity becomes easier, faster, and ultimately simpler.

Fiber Optic Cables

Integrates SFPs/QSFPs and your patch cable into one element. Provides an elegant option for 40/100G to multiple 10G breakouts while reducing.

Active Optical Cables
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Optical Transceivers.png

Delivers a complete line of optical transceivers from 1Gbps to 400Gbps. 3 year warranty standard. Lifetime warranty available.

Optical Transceivers

Reduces the functionality of the transceiver by application to eliminate unnecessary cost for components that will not be used. Available as Rx only and Tx only.

Monitoring Transceivers
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Meets many of your unique needs. From custom SFP enclosure form factors to guaranteed higher receiver sensitivity, we have done it. So, if you are struggling to find a solution to your unique problem, don't be afraid to give us a call and ask. After all, we are here to Listen, Innovate, and Deliver!

Customized Transceivers