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Network Monitoring & Optical Solutions

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Monitoring Software
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Network Packet Broker
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Traffic Bypass Switch
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Passive Network Taps
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PON Multiplexers
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WDM Multiplexers
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Automated Patch Panel
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Optical Switches
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Networking Monitoring & Optical Solutions 

OptiX   delivers network monitoring and optical solutions that help our customers gain better visibility into their network, deliver services more efficiently, maximize resources, and increase security.


Why Us?

Remember when your vendor listened to your problems, created an innovative solution, and ultimately
delivered that solution to you? We do. The great football coach, Vince Lombardi, once said, “Practice does
not make perfect, only perfect practice makes perfect.” What he meant was you cannot just go
through the motions, you must strive for perfection in every act to achieve the result you want.
While OptiX   is not perfect, we do aim for it in everything we do. We
Listen, we Innovate, and we Deliver,
all in an effort to blow the
LID off your vendor expectations.


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  • Network Monitoring Software

  • Network Packet Brokers

  • Bypass Switches

  • Network Taps

  • Monitoring Transceivers

Passive Multiplexer Icon White.png
  • Access Multiplexers for PON Networks

  • Passive CWDM/DWDM Multiplexers 

  • OADM Multiplexers

  • Custom Multiplexers

  • CWDM/DWDM Transceivers

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  • Automated Patch Panel for On/Off Switching

  • Optical Array Switches

  • Optical Protection Switching

  • DUT Switching for Tool Sharing

  • Custom Configurations

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Reduce Network Monitoring Costs with Application Specific Transceivers
Data Center Migration Tips for 10G to 40G/100G Upgrades
OEM Transceivers - What the NEMs Aren't Telling You
Using MTP Cables to Consolidate Data Center Cabling and Reduce Fiber Managment Headaches
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“OptiX   Listened To Our Problems & Delivered Unique Solution to Solve Them."
- Data Center Customer


"After Testing A Number of Other Vendors' CEx and NG-PON2 Multiplexers, OptiX  's OmniPON Was The Only Solution That Met Our Requirements."
Leading Tier 1 Internation Service Provider


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“OptiX2’s team is knowledgeable and extremely responsive.”

- US Government Partner

“OptiX2 listened to our problems and provided a unique solution to solve them.”

- Data Center Customer

“After testing multiple vendors’ equipment for PON multiplexers, OptiX2’s OmniPON™ was the only one to meet all of our requirements.”

- Major International Service Provider